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Our mission is to accelerate universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable energy

Bowler Engineering is a Swiss social enterprise that provides specialist engineering and project management services relating to renewable energy and electricity distribution.

We specialise in distributed generation, smart electricity networks and rural electrification.

Our expertise and focus

We provide services relating to smart distribution networks, energy efficiency, distributed renewable generation, energy storage and distributed systems control

Specialist work packages

We complete detailed engineering design and project engineering for electricity projects


We provide design and project management supervision or owner-engineer support for electricity projects

Desktop studies

We conduct market research, analysis and report writing for energy sector topics


We build technical guidance and carry out content writing for educational tools, campaigns or capacity building

Our customers

We work with customers in Switzerland, Europe and elsewhere in the world

Energy sector companies

Our primary focus is the electricity distribution sector in Europe. We deliver projects for distribution companies, contractors, and consultancies on a range of network topics

Charities, foundations, NGO’s

We bring our private sector expertise to organisations based in Switzerland that have an energy mandate under SDG7 as a local, trusted partner

Project delivery organisations

As a social enterprise we offer reduced rate or pro-bono services to selected partner organisations that deliver energy projects, in particular in developing countries

Supporters and strategic partners