Decarbonisation through innovation

I deliver innovation projects that drive decarbonisation of the energy sector in Europe.

I specialise in transmission and distribution networks, distributed generation, and smart electricity networks

Expertise and focus

Specialist work packages

I deliver technical work packages for innovation projects


I manage the exploitation process, supporting innovators in their transition from research projects to market launch

Market analysis

I conduct market research, analysis and report writing for energy sector topics, linked to our innovation activities


I work with customers in Switzerland, Europe and elsewhere in the world

Energy sector companies

My primary focus is the electricity distribution sector in Europe. We deliver projects for distribution companies, contractors, and consultancies on a range of network topics

Charities, foundations, NGO’s

I bring our private sector expertise to organisations based in Switzerland that have an energy mandate under SDG7 as a local, trusted partner

Innovation projects

I support multi-national or multi-party innovation projects in work package management, exploitation, dissemination, and research